January 23rd

ImageAnother day of controlled eating Yippee!!! I’ve booked a hair appointment at a new salon. The hairdresser knows lots about 1950’s styling and red hair, so I’m looking forward to going. It’s the day before we’re going to a Burlesque Show so I am wanting some tips on how to get my hair to match my dress. I’m not sure what I’m wearing yet as I don’t fit into my corset comfortably. I’ve ordered a shapewear camisole so hopefully that will get help me get into something. I’ve got just over a week so hopefully the curvy look will be in by then. 🙂



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January 22nd

ImageI’m just back from watching Les Miserable with my mum. It was absolutely brilliant. My only niggle was the casting for Marius, I thought that his co star (can’t remember his name) looked a lot more like the character should. What do I know though? My mum thought he was perfect. 

Today my eating has been much better. I’m less tempted and feel in control again. Even though it’s only been a couple of days I feel so much better. I just hope and pray that I can stick at it just to get rid of some of this weight. I need to keep thinking of all those clothes waiting to be worn again. 🙂


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Proud Mummy

I’m getting Proud Mummy moments galore at the moment. One of my boys has started bringing his reading book home. Reading is something that neither of my boys are keen on doing at home so I know it sounds silly but I’ve not had an idea how they’re doing. Well when saw my boy’s reading book I was astounded at how well he can read. I really enjoyed reading with him. It was so lovely to do something as normal as hearing my son read to me. I also did his spellings with him. I am so proud of him. I will be asking my other son’s 1-1 to send a reading book home with him and hopefully he’ll be happy to read with me too.

My Daughter used to read with me frequently, she has such passion for reading and is a talented writer. Although she is supposed to read aloud every night. She refuses to, as she refuses to do most things at the moment. She’s growing up so quickly and sometimes I feel as though I’m losing her, my little girl. I treasure the moments when she does still want to spend time with me. These are not as often as I’d like but I’m happy to make the most of it.


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January 16th


I’m so much better today. Still tired, which is just constant but so much more motivated. Naughty Puppy and I had a lovely frosty walk, the house is gleaming. We’ve all been swimming and my eating has been much better.

I’ve really enjoyed my child free day and got so much done. I’ve been looking at Illusion dresses online. The place with the biggest range seems to be Ebay. When I’ve lost some weight that is going to be my first purchase. I’ve also been looking at underwear to go underneath it and being a fan of all things corset like I’m going to be looking at a waist cincher.

When I’m in the right mind set for healthy eating I find visualising  how I want to look really helpful. In the past I’ve used a Paul Mckenna cd which guides you through a similar process. Because I’ve got so many clothes that are too small for me it’s easy to to visualise an outfit as I’ve got many to choose from.


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